Crystal Flat Frame (Full Customizable)


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With the 2D Laser Photo Glass you will be able to remember it forever.

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Designer's Suggestion:

- Picture of group.
- Pictures with attractive background.

Use For:
- Artistic pictures.

- Landscaping.

- Vacations pictures.

What we do:
- Color and contrast balance.
- Light control.
- Enhancement of sharpness.
- Figure position fixed.
- *Re-build Figure. 
- *Pre-view model.
- Point-Cloud creator.
- Laser crystal engraved.

SizesDesigned forDimensions & Weight
Smallfits 5 persons4"X6" (1.1 lb. / 499 gram.)
Mediumfits 7 persons5"X7" (1.7 lb. / 771 gram.)
Largefits 15 persons8"X10" (3.1 lb. / 1.406 Kg.)

Premium Customers:

- Pre-view.

- Multi photos composer.

- 360 3D From multi angle pictures.

What contain your package?

- 3D Optical crystal engraved.

- Gift Box / Traveling box.

PropertiesShort Dress

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    Crystal Flat Frame (Full Customizable)
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