Crystal Square Necklace

Crystal Square Necklace



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A very astounding, practical and personal piece. You will be proud to carry this with you every day!

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Designer's Suggestion:

The heart shape is perfect cut for:
- Couple picture.
- Alf bodies / top.
- Square pictures.

Use for:
- Valentine ’s Day.
- Mother’s Day
- Anniversary gift.
- Wedding pictures.
- Babies.
- Pets.
- For Her

Accentuate this stylish memento with a striking LED light base, which will beautifully illuminate your free personal message of affection.

What we do:
- Color and contrast balance.
- Light control.
- Enhancement of sharpness.
- Figure position fixed.
- *Re-build Figure. 
- *Pre-view model.
- Point-Cloud creator.
- Laser crystal engraved.

Premium Customers:

- Pre-view.

- Multi photos composer.

What contain your package?

- Optical crystal engraved.

- Gift Bag.

CompositionsOptical Crystal (high quality)
Properties2 dimensional picture

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