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The Black Symbol is your most distinguished source on the internet for 3D laser etched crystals and other custom engraved gifts andArt. Providing you with beautiful 3D laser crystal gifts and then adding your personalized greeting or message using our high tech laser engraving technology.

The Black Symbol Project is empowered by Artist H David D'Hers.

Biography H DAVID D´HERS

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Humberto David D’Hers, Venezuelan native. Logistics and drawing were two of him main fortes since the age of 3. At the early age of 7 he was prized first place in a scholastic painting contest. His fascination for art would only grow from there. At the age of 13, D’Hers was classed amongst the top 3 in an inter-scholastic poetry contest with over 3000 participants. He became a multi-purpose artist after beginning his career at the “Technologico de Musica Valencia” at only 15 years of age. With the knowledge that came with his university studies of civil engineering, his pastimes included reading physiological books due to his fascination for the human mind and logical behavior. “Art” never left his blood and D’Hers would express in different ways. At 24, already a self made entrepreneur, he decided to take up the study of graphic design. This new skill came in handy when D’Hers had to flee his country to preserve his life. Migrating to Miami Fl, he landed his first job in the art of engraving crystals with custom images. Later moving on to work for a local business as a designer for these crystals. His life took an unexpected turn when he experienced a motorcycle accident leaving him with low motor skills in his hands amongst other injuries and a long road of physical herapy that wold last over 1 year. This experience left him with a more humanitarian outlook on life. And this outlook made him change his path, prioritizing his art and making it a career instead of a hobby.

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Artist's Statement (Work)

My work expresses the point of infringement between two opposing perspectives of the environment in conjunction. Based on organic and everyday elements to an explicit position of sterile and geometric elements that allow for imagination and analysis.

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I am inspired by nature and I give shape to my work through the analysis of human behavior in situations of emotional force converted into symbols of expression. I use a particular process to capture emotion and turn it into deep meditation, once inside it, I create symbols that I turn into lines forming ink on paper, which then through a digital process, gets turned into multidimensional elements after 24 hours.

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My art is expressed through vectors based on point clouds brought to K-9 optical glass by means of micrometric precision class 1 green laser cutting, along with canvas painting.


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